Black Cats

Black Cats + WordPress Assignment

For this week’s assignment, I exercised some basic tools of Adobe Photoshop to an image of four black cats. I downloaded the original PSD file and performed the fast photo fixes described in Chapter 2 of the class textbook, such as Shrink, Sharpen, and Save for Web. I also applied changes in color, tone, and image position to the original file and created a JPEG (or “after” photo) as a result. The final step for the assignment is to upload the before and after photos to WordPress in a new blog post.

Thanks for reading!




My name is James Moran, born and raised in NC. I have a B.A. in Writing from Methodist University and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from NC State. I am a recently new student at Wake Tech, where I’m studying for an A.A.S in Web Design.

Some of my interests include art, psychology, music, and film. I also love city life, despite growing up in a rural area. My favorite city in the world is London, which I’ve visited twice for study abroad (and will return to–no matter what).

So far I’ve learned so many great and valuable things about Photoshop and web design. At first I wasn’t sure if starting this new chapter in my life was the best idea, but I can say confidently now that I’m excited to see this through and gain some much-needed skills and expertise. I look forward to working with you all this semester!